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  • Epoxy and Polyurethane

  • Perfect for wall and floor

  • Commercial or residential space

  • Astonishing results

The world of epoxy! Think of your smart phone. How different it is compared to the cellphones in the market 20 years ago? Well, maybe not so dramatic of a change, but the fact is that material scientist and engineers have been working just as hard to create an all around better and more advanced products.

Two of the wonders of today’s materials are Epoxy and Polyurethane. Neither is a new creation and have been around for some time. However, they are far more reaching in terms of the applicability, technicality and safety compared to what we knew about epoxy 30 years ago, per se.

Epoxy comes in two different main categories. Oil-based and water-based. Water-based epoxies are less of a hazard both to the environment and the applicator. They can not entirely replace the oil-based qualities however. So, some of the industrial applications are still relying on the oil based. Same goes with Polyurethane and the two categories apply to this wonder material as well.

The two categories of epoxy are divided into two subcategories of pre-catalyzed and post-catalyzed.

Pre-catalyzed epoxy comes in a single bucket. Its application is just as if you would buy a pale of acrylic paint to paint a room. Post-catalyzed come in two parts and it has to be mixed thoroughly before application. Once mixed, depending on the type, you may have something between 30 to 60 minutes to apply the paint as it dries much faster in comparison to the pre-catalyzed. On the other side the post-catalyzed version can carry the true qualities of the epoxy better than the post-catalyzed. 

Epoxy can be applied both on wall and floor. This is one of the lesser know facts. Whether coating a small garage floor, or an entire warehouse floor, choosing the right type of epoxy, and leaving the work in the hands of professionals, can give you astonishing results. The use of epoxy is not limited to the floors though. Walls can be epoxied for a smooth, washable, and highly resistive to cleaning materials. That’s why health care facilities are discovering the wonders of epoxy more than ever.

Epoxy as great of a material it is, it comes with its own limitations. Those limits sometimes can be eliminated when epoxy is used with polyurethane in pair. 

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