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With today’s technology and improved construction materials and techniques, concrete can still crack and cracks many times will leak, especially given Canada’s rapid seasonal temperature change. Fortunately there are a couple of simple-to-use systems that can provide economical and permanent waterproofing repairs.

Epoxy Injection is traditionally used to weld cracked concrete back together to restore the structural integrity of the concrete wall.  Epoxies are available in very low viscosities that make them ideal for injecting hairline cracks.  Epoxy’s high-strength bonding ability makes them a clear choice for repairs such as concrete that cracked during backfilling.

Polyurethanes are available in one or two-part liquid resins that chemically react with available moisture and foam up and  create a flexible seal inside the crack.  They can even seal off the outside of the crack which can be preferable in porous or loose soil conditions.  Polyurethane foam is ideal for filling wider cracks and cracks that may exhibit signs of settling or movement from changing seasons and soil pressures.  Polyurethane also works great for filling in voids or sealing leaks around pipe penetrations.